What’s your secret?

What’s your secret? A question I am asked ALOT. People want to know how I get on in life with three under 5 by myself while also keeping a business a float and sometimes even managing to brush my hair!!! The truth is I am just winging it, I’m not half as organised as I would like to be, my house doesn’t run like clockwork and very often I look like crap (I just crop myself out of those photos – inside secrets right there). How ever I do have certain things that keep me sane; Bedtime – my girls…

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Fruity Snacks with Robinson Crusoe

Cuddling up on the sofa with a few snacks and a film is one of our most favourite lazy day actives, the girls are at an age now where they will actually sit through a whole film which is really nice. The girls always seem to have us watching the same films over and over again – creatures of habit aren’t they – so when we were sent over a copy of the new Robinson Crusoe film I was delighted to have a change! To celebrate the release of the new Robinson Crusoe film on DVD and Blu-Ray Studio Canal  have challenged…

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Removing Negativity

So in my last week in pictures I mentioned I was having a little bit of a shitty time and to be honest looking back on it from a much happier place – it was my own fault. I was feeling like crap because for too long I’ve been letting negative people stay in my life who then have a negative impact on me. I try to always see the good in people and remain positive but there does come a point when the light comes on and you see that they do nothing but bring you down and deflate…

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