Groupe Zannier SS 17 preview

The weathers taken a turn we are certainly all digging out our Autumn/Winter wardrobes at the moment so what a treat it was to have a sneaky peak at the Groupe Zannier’s Spring Summer collections for 2017. I instantly felt like I was back in spring surrounded but all the pretty floral patterns and pastel colours.

It’s no secret that I love clothes, I love shopping and I love picking cute little outfits for the kids. Nowadays it needs to be practical as well as pretty, it’s no good popping them in a big old dress for a walk in the forest which is why I was instantly drawn to the range from Kenzo, beautiful play wear for girls and boys – so soft, so comfy but also super slick and trendy.

kezno kids

kenzo kids jumper

I love this jumper so much I need it in my size for a mummy and mini type post!

The other brand that I just fell in love with was Lili Gaufrette, I spent so long just pouring through the rails of beautiful dresses, skirts and tops and picturing my little ladies in them for next summers bbq’s and parties.

GZ 3


The colours are so vibrant this blue is just incredible I could so see Maisy in this little dress.
You can just see the quality in these items which is essential to me with three little girls I love to be able to see them all in these pretty little dresses.


Of corse the little girls items where grabbing my attention but there was also a great range for the boys too Paul Smith Baby had some really cool interactive T-shirts to keep boys interested in what they’re wearing too with glow in the dark features, fun zips and this is my favourite, the road with a little pocket to park a car in I just thought it is perfect!


They were a few of my favourites I spotted on the day but Groupe Zannier represent a great range of children’s brands including 3 Pommes, Absorba, Catimini, Espirt, Jean Bourget, Junior Gaultier, Kenzo  Kids, Levi Kids, Lili Gaufrette, Paul Smith Junior  and Tartine Et Chocolat so much gorgeousness in one place I can’t wait to see all these items hitting the shops in the new year!




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