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Love the sales A/W clothes for girls

It’s that time of the year. The temperature has dropped quite suddenly and I am starting to realise that all the girls ‘warm clothes’ from last year are looking a tad snug or warn so I am on the look out for some new little winter bits for them. With them all at school and nursery the majority of the time I really do like them to have a really nice few bits for the weekends, Maisy loves wearing pretty dresses so it’s all she wants to be in for the weekend. I have been searching through Love The Sales because for me it is the quickest and easiest way to find some really amazing bargains in one place, I am obsessed with the Brand Yumi on the site for Maisy – the clothes are just so her dressed up for a little party or with cosy tights and a cardigan these are my favourites.

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Then I was looking more practically for coats, hats, scarves and jumpers; I thought the North Face coat looked great for all weathers as we still like to get out and about during colder winder and rainier times. I also love to just have some easy hoodies they can chuck on or I can take in the car it the weathers being a little bit iffy the red from the Ralph Lauren sale caught my eye immediately for Bella little blondie looks so cute it red!

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We all know that buying for kids (especially 3!) can be pricey who doesn’t love it when they scoop a real bargain, shopping online with Love the Sales makes it that bit easier to find a great deal bringing you each and every sale item from 100’s of retailers and 1000’s of brands in real time all put together in one place and enable us to browse them just like we would any other online store.

Via LoveTheSales.com

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