Our Week In Pictures 14/09

week in pics 14:09

This last week/10 days (yes I am late with this post) has hit my like a ton of bricks. It has just been one thing after another and it has completely drained me which is why I have been so quite on here and social media but I am back and feeling a lot more positive today!

Top (L-R)
Afternoon’s after  school/nursery in the library with the monkey’s.
Pair of cutie pies!
Yummy eton mess for me.

Middle (L-R)
Bike riding with Bella.
Me ignoring tonsilitus and heading out in my LBD for my friends birthday, p.s not wise.

Bottom (L-R)
Pancake’s for breakfast.
Dungarees are the best.
Beachy day.

The biggest news for us this last week though was of corse my beautiful Bella started school!! She had a few settle sessions last week and has now been thrown into full days – she’s knackered but is loving making new friends and having lots of fun!
Maisy is now a big year 1 girl and even came home with homework – I know it’s now begun. Lottie took a few days to adjust to being at nursery without Bella by her side but she seems to be doing great now, no more tears and she comes home with a big smile telling me about who she’s been playing with, which makes me feel a hell of a lot less guilty.


What’s new in blog world this week:

  • Well to be perfectly honest with all that has been going on the blog has been quiet, if I put it all in writing I would be here for a week but it’s just been a bit shit. I am trying to get my self stuck into work and get my mind off things.
  • I have a massive to do list for the next week so I will be really busy, I have a few fab competitions coming up for you guys too.
  • Finally I am off to the MADS this Friday, if you’re not a blogger the MADS is a blogging awards event I can’t wait to catch up with some of my favourite bloggers and take my mind of things!

How’s your week been?

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  1. September 21, 2016 / 10:43 pm

    Hope you are feeling better soon chick xXx

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