The Sound Of Happy

This year my eldest daughter will be 6 – yes six that doesn’t even seem possible, my littlest lady is 2 but still my baby days feel like so long ago. I miss the days of lazy baby cuddles and spending what felt like hours just staring at my teeny tiny perfect little person, talking to them in a (probably ridiculous sounding) cutesy little voice and pulling stupid faces just to see that little smile again.

Babies love being spoken too, no they don’t know what your saying but the sound of your voice is just always soothing. The C&G baby club are launching their #SoundOfHappy campaign and I have been asked to share my babies favourite sounds.

They were all so different as babies Maisy was a bit ‘highly strung’ shall we say… She was a really mummy’s girl that could rarely be put down (over cuddled first born problems!) She loved listening to me reading to her, even from a few weeks old I would read her the hungry caterpillar over and over again. As she got older she used to coo and flap along as I read her the story, her little face lighting up as we turned the pages it is still one of her favourites.


Bella didn’t enjoy reading until she was much older, the sounds that made Bella happy were singing. Now I am no Beyonce, but much to most peoples annoyance I do love to sing all the time. Bella was a big fan we used (and still do) sing old school Destiny’s child she’d clap and laugh listening to me go for the high notes.bella-2B

When Lottie came along life was busy as you can imagine 3 children aged three and under my house was all go at all times. Lottie just loved to be spoken to her sisters fused over her at all times doing the whole ‘ahhh look at the little baby’ and she lapped it up. Lottie was such a good little baby, quite happy just looking around while all the mayhem went on around her but in the evenings when the older two were settled she loved sitting and having little chat with me. I really miss the little baby chats when they have no idea but they coo back like they know exactly what you’re saying.1932268_10153833796745263_1396916114_n

So those are the sounds that made my babies happy, looking back at these photos have made my ovaries ache! What are the those special sounds that make your babies happy? Share them in the comments or tweet them to me using #SoundOfHappy!

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