Bing Magazine

Bella and I recently had a look at the new Bing Magazine. The magazine is based on the show Bing shown on Cebeebies, Bella loves watching Bing on the tv it’s a short but sweet little program which shows Bing usually getting himself into some kind of predicament that he goes on to solve with the help of his friends.

Having a magazine specific to one tv show is great, you know if your child is a fan of that show they are going to really love the whole magazine as they recognise the characters throughout and it keeps them engaged throughout.

Bing Magazine

The magazine has a great pull out activity book, which is paper rather than glossy magazine style which I find a great touch as it is so frustrating when the little ones can’t actually colour in pictures because their pens aren’t showing up.


Bella really enjoyed her magazine she spent a good couple of hours going through, sticking stickers and completing activities. It was a big hit, having large writing and bright colours throughout with easy instructions made it perfect for her to be able to read and follow the instructions.

Would Bella choose it in the shops again? Find out in the little video we made..

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