Little Loves – July

It’s been a while since my last little loves post I just haven’t been buying many new products, or more accurately I have but they just haven’t rocked my world – until now anyway.

I have some new bits I’ve been using pretty much daily for a while now so I wanted to share them with you as I loves them and I know for us busy mums we don’t have a ton of time to spend trying out new things. We need something that does the job and we need it fast which is where I come in as I am happy to play guinea pig and try it all out for you!

July faves

So first up new foundation, it’s been a while since I have tried a new foundation sticking to my fail safe Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish but with summer threatening to make an appearance any minute I wanted to find something a little lighter. After hearing some great things I decided to give Nars sheer glow a try, it is a lovely foundation providing a good coverage yet it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, I love how nicely it blends and it’s got a lovely finish to it. Definitely a new favourite – I opted for the shade Gobi which is a good match for my skin when I have no colour to it, at the moment it is just a tad light so I have been mixing in a slightly darker shade too. One minus to Nars sheer glow is it doesn’t have a pump so you have to be a little careful tipping it out as you can easily end up with too much!

I have also been loving my Anastasia contour kit this month, I went for the light pallet and it is just lovely, the shades are perfect for my skin tone. They are really blendable (is that a word) so you don’t end up with harsh lines on your face – no one likes the tiger look do they? They look a little bit orange in the photo below but I can assure you they really aren’t the tones are quite cool which is just right for my pale complexion.

july faves 4

Last make up products are those I have been loving on my lips recently, I do love a lipstick and these two shades are very similar but I just can’t pick a favourite between them.
They are both a nude shade which I love to wear, it is just so easy for everyday. First up is a Matte MAC shade called Velvet Teddy – lovely colour, long lasting everything you would expect from a nice MAC lipstick. The second is a Ultra HD matte lip color from Revlon in seduction, this is quite a new product out from Revlon and I have been so impressed first the fact that it starts looking like a gloss and dries as a matte colour just blows my mind, it makes it so easy to apply. So if you are new to lipstick wearing or make up in general it is the one for you! It does last well just not quite as long as the MAC but it is almost half the price so can’t complain.

Below I am wearing the Revlon lipstick ready to head off to watch Beyonce do her thing last weekend!


Now onto skin care I have been using Green People’s Cleanse and make up remover lotion daily I had a little 30ml bottle which is almost now empty so will be purchasing again asap. It is so gentle on my skin but really gets my make up off well, I love products from Green People because they are just such a fab brand, they’re so straight with what’s in there products it’s really refreshing to know exactly what is going on to your skin.

I’ve also been using a new moisturiser, Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel, I was recommended this at the Clinique counter as it is oil free but still gives you a good moisture boost and it really does. At first I thought this won’t keep my sometimes dry skin soft as it just absorb’s so quickly but it really does love it!

july faves 2

Last but by no means least is my new favourite summer scent, Marc Jacobs – Daisy. a light but fresh scent perfect for summer, I used to wear this a lot but completely forgot how much I loved it until I was browsing a perfume shop a couple of weeks ago. It is now back in my life and I have been wearing it every single day!

Do you use any of these products? What’t your July must haves?



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