Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

Summer is fast approaching so the thick tights and the winter layers will be heading away and I am looking forward to bright colours and pretty little dresses. For the kids this is – I am a jeans all year round kind of girl!

Summer outfits are so much easier than Winter outfits, in winter it’s a dress and tights to match with a jumper and even a coat then you need to find some shoes too. During the summer it’s nice and easy dress and some little pumps or sandals easy peasy.

As always (it seems) my girls need a few more bits I have found an amazing site which I need to share with you all – I have been obsessed and spent probably way too much time browsing for new bits for my girls and maybe a little bit for myself too.

It is full of some of the biggest brands about but at amazing prices, these are some of my favourite picks from the House Of Fraser sale.


How pretty are these little dresses, perfect for a party or a summer bbq love them.

If you love a bargain as much as me make sure you give the site a look you won’t regret it!

Via lovethesales.




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