My Week In Pictures 2016 #8

Top (L-R) My little angels ready for a birthday party – two superhero’s and a fairy Me injecting a little colour into my wardrobe as we enter spring… NOT Pretty flowers for mother’s day Middle (L-R) Having a little afternoon tea with Bella Little Lottie posing for our post with Pampers Bottom (L-R) Me and Lottie who is clearly more interested in her foot! Maisy all ready for world book day My girls 🙂 – Love this photo

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Beautiful Bouquets with Postabloom

I love a fresh vase of flowers, it is something I have only really started to appreciate in the last couple of years before then I never really got the fuss, flowers just seemed to die on me and then I’d be stuck with dead bunch until I actually got round to binning them. I think now I am in my new house (say new I have been here over a year)  there is the perfect spot in my kitchen for a nice vase in the window. I seem to spend half my life in the kitchen cleaning or cooking so it…

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2 superheros and a fairy

People often comment on how similar my girls look, and yes there is no mistaking they are sisters is there. Personallity wise they couldn’t be more different. Maisy is delicate, sensitive, caring and a little smarty pants with a huge imagination. Bella is loud, slightly mental at times, rough and tumble she loves nothing more than being tipped upside down or having a play fight. Lottie is misleading… she comes across as a quiet little angel but she is the cheeky one, I always thought Bella was the mischievous one – until Lottie learnt to walk and talk that was.…

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