Thursday Fun Day’s – Oceanarium

Thursday’s are one of my most favourite day’s. Very random day to choose I know but it is the one day of the week that I have both Bella and Lottie off nursery and clear from all groups or clubs, it’s our free day to just go out and do something fun! Since Maisy started school in September I have been shocked at just how much I have missed her and having last minute mid week family days out. Bella will be starting school herself this September coming to I am vowing to have a fun day every Thursday, ideally…

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Iceland & The #PowerOfFrozen

When my girls started going off to school and nursery I thought to myself ‘great I will have so much more time on my hands, to get the things I want to done.’ Little did I know with school & nursery comes things like school runs, after school activities, playdates, parties – on top of any clubs they’re already a part of. Some days I literally feel like I spend the whole day in the car carting everyone around to where they need to be. One thing that has always been so important to me is providing my children with…

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2 superheros and a fairy

People often comment on how similar my girls look, and yes there is no mistaking they are sisters is there. Personallity wise they couldn’t be more different. Maisy is delicate, sensitive, caring and a little smarty pants with a huge imagination. Bella is loud, slightly mental at times, rough and tumble she loves nothing more than being tipped upside down or having a play fight. Lottie is misleading… she comes across as a quiet little angel but she is the cheeky one, I always thought Bella was the mischievous one – until Lottie learnt to walk and talk that was.…

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