Autumn muffins

You may have spotted a recent post I wrote as part of the Tesco eat happy project when the girls and I got busy cooking along and making some delicious falafels. We had so much fun making these the girls just love getting involved with cooking so when we we’re asked if we would like to try some of their autumnal recipes we jumped at the chance. We have been making some delicious Autumn Muffins – full of lots of goodness for the little ones and also really tasty.   Ready to bake. We followed the really simple step by step…

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Tesco’s 60 minute roast challenge

Recently I was challenged by Tesco to whip up a delicious roast dinner in the space of 60 minutes – yes just one hour. It can’t be done I hear you say? Well that was my first thought but I do love a challenge so of corse said yes anyway. A few day’s later a hamper arrived to get me on my way with a voucher for all the ingredients – now just to figure out how to do this in an hour! I invited a couple of friends over to watch the girls in exchange for feeding whilst I…

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