Fathers Day Gift Guide

Yesterday I posted my Father’s day gadget gift guide with a great selection of gifts for those dads who love a new toy to play with! Today I wanted to share some more ideas this time for gifts that are great for younger children to get dad, my girls are all under 5 so these are the type of products I’m looking at picking up for their dad this year. Superman Lego key ring this is such a cute gift my little girls really do think Daddy is superman so it’s perfect for them to give him! Ultimate English Fudge –…

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Father’s Day Gadget Guide

Sunday 21st June 2015 – Father’s Day, a day to show all the amazing daddies out there just how much they mean to us and spoil them just a little! I am sharing with you my Father’s day gadget guide today, we all know dad’s love a good gadget – a new toy to play with they make a fab gift. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing another gift guide with ideal gifts from younger children but today we are all about the gadgets!    Photo phone case – these look so cute the personal touch is always a winner and now dad…

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Monthly Bucket List – June

I am back again with another monthly bucket list linking up with Beth at Twinderelmo, you can read last month’s list here so how did I get on? Joining the gym … I did it, I did it!!! So happy I joined, next point was to actually go to the gym ummm FAIL but I have my membership I’m half way it’s been a busy month! Got my little kitty so happy with her even if she spends most evenings pouncing on me she is a little cutie. We’ve also made progress on the garden, it’s getting there it’s not the best space…

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