Would You Rather VLOG!

Would You Rather VLOG!

Yesterday I plucked up the courage (god nos where from!) and did my first ever vlog! It’s something I have wanted to do for ages and just been lacking in confidence but it was so much fun to do, i’m so glad I took the plunge.

I was tagged by the lovely Aby from You Baby Me Mummy and Heledd from Running In Lavender to do the ‘would you rather?’ tag, which is basically a set of questions and you choose which you’d rather simple!

If you’re thinking about starting vlogging it is a great way to get into it, as I said I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would so get ready for some more vlogs coming your way!

I’ve also tagged Alice from New Young Mum and Claire from The Witt Family if you fancy giving it ago ladies?

Here’s the questions:

Would you rather..

  1. Live in a society with justice but no liberty or liberty but no justice
  2. Be a kid again for the day or be the opposite sex for the day
  3. No internet for the day or no mobile for the day
  4. No one turn up to your wedding or your funeral
  5. Go back in time or go to the future
  6. Fly or read minds
  7. True love or 10 million pounds
  8. Surfing the ocean or surfing the net
  9. Famous or rich
  10. Time or money
  11. Win the lottery or live twice as long
  12. Be smart or be hot
  13. Be half your height or double your weight
  14. Have a piercing or tattoo
  15. Rewind your life or pause it
  16. Always know when someone is lying or always get away with lying
  17. Always be underdressed or overdressed
  18. That mermaids were real or unicorns
  19. Be homeless or be in prison
  20. Have a carrot for a nose or mini babybels for eyes!

And here’s my answer’s, remember go easy it’s my first vlog!

Hope you enjoyed it, I’d love to get some suggestions for future Vlog’s if you have any please leave them in the comments!

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  1. May 13, 2015 / 8:31 pm

    LOVE it 🙂 Yay for doing it and you’re so easy to watch! I could watch more! Do more!!!!!! xxx

  2. May 17, 2015 / 7:06 am

    You are absolutely brilliant at this, a real real natural. Your personality just shines out it is fabulous. Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars
    Mini Travellers recently posted…Sunday StarsMy Profile

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