The Disney Tag

The Disney Tag

I have been tagged by the lovely Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos to take part in the Disney Tag and who doesn’t love a bit of Disney? I may sit and complain when we’re watching a certain frozen film for the 8th time in a row but having kids has really made me fall in love with Disney all over again – if it hasn’t happened to you all ready it will I guarantee it!

Here goes;

1.What are your top 5 favourite Disney Films?

  • Lion King the original – not too keen on the sequels but yes love it.
  • Lady and the tramp.
  • 101 Dalmatians.
  • Beauty and the Beast.
  • Dumbo.

That was really tough to choose I could have picked 10 but they are ones that stand out from when I was younger.

2. What is your favourite Disney character?

Woody – seems like a decent cow-boy, like’s to look out for his friends – he’d sure have a friend in me to infinity and beyond (too much cheese?! Ok I’ll stop)


3. Favorite Disney Princess?

Rapunzel – how she manages that hair I’d love to know mine drives me nuts.

4. Which Disney character would you like as pet ?

Dumbo! Who wouldn’t want a pet elephant – would need a slightly bigger garden but it could work.

5. If you could wear a Disney Princess’s dress to a ball which one would it be?

hmmmmmm – think I’d go Cinderella – I prefer Belle’s but yellow doesn’t look good on me.

6. Which Disney character can you really relate to?

Peter pan I can see why he never wanted to grow up – I love my babies but bills and house work is just boring I’d just love to play and fly all day!

7. Favourite ever Disney saying, or line from a movie or song.

“It’ll all turn out alright in the end you’ll see” said by a tea-pot in Beauty and the beast tea pots always give the best advice….

Beauty and the beast

8. What is your favourite Disney Park?

I’ve never been 🙁

9. Have you even visited Disney World and what is you favourite memory, if not do you ever plan to go?

We haven’t and yes we do plan to go hopefully to Paris this year and then I would like to take the girls to Florida when they’re bit older so that they’ll really appreciate it and create some great memories.

10. Favourite Disney Sound Track? 

Lion king love those songs sooo much.

So that’s me thanks again to Sarah for tagging me I now want to plan a Disney movie day with the kids!

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