sassy bloom #2

sassy bloom #2
Yay another month another sassy bloom delivery, to say I get excited by this beautiful little box each month would be an under statement, I loves them. 
So what is sassy bloom you ask? 

Sassy Bloom is a monthly subscription service you receive a box of hand picked items tailored to you and your baby from pregnancy (third trimester) up until baby is 2 years old! Prices start from £19.75 per box depending on which plan you choose and each box has a minimum RRP of £40. 

For a look at last months review click here!

Heres what we got this month; 

This very colourful guy! Unfortunately this was the first thing my daughters went for in the box and due to their over excited state one of them pulled off the label and now despite trolling through google I can’t find where he’s from! Apologies for that i have sent a message to sassy bloom though so as soon as I get it I’ll add the link in. 
Anyway Lottie loves this, it has two ties on so can be attached to a buggy or cot. It has crinkly bits, squeakers in there, a little rattle and a teething ring on it so keeps them entertained for ages! 
This Nuby ‘Grip N Sip’ Cup, I’m trying to get Lottie having a drink with her food now she’s started eating more and having less milk so we shall see how she gets on with this one! I liked the Nuby ones when the older two were younger so I’m sure this will be great and it claims to be non spill so thats a bonus! 

Some baby and toddler first cups from Baby Cup again will be good for getting Lottie used to having a drink with her food although I’m not quite sure I trust her with one of these yet, it would be thrown either down herself, on the floor or worse on me! I’ll give it a couple more months for them! 

A two pack of Finger Safe door stops from Baby Dan. When I saw these I thought great just what I needed at the moment I have two toddlers who are always slamming doors they shouldn’t and I’m just waiting for the day fingers are in their so these will definitely come in handy! We had one before that was spongy and it just used to fall off and the kids would bite it etc, these feel a lot stronger and are better fitted to the door.

Next up this teething necklace, at 8 months Lottie still has no teeth but has been showing the signs of teething for months! this will be great for her to have a good old chomp on an I love that its something I can wear as well. This came from Gumi Gem they have loads of different designs and colours available. 
Wonder Waterway bath toy from Munchkin, I’m really loving Munchkin products at the moment I think they’re great for kids and this is no different, it’s 3 separate little toys that link together to create a water way – perfect size for little hands.

Lastly some sock ons I’ve heard good things about these to will be interested to see if they work. My only negative on these would be they are aged 0-6 months, Lottie is now 8 months she is still quite diddy so I’m hoping she’ll still get some wear out of them. 
Overall another month, another box and another happy mummy. 

Excited for next months already! 

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