Mums list #4

Mums list #4

Real life 

This week I had a slight mental breakdown when the brand new laptop I got last week died on me, I am having the worst luck with technology at the moment I almost gave up looking for a new one untill I realised how much of a pain in the neck trying to blog on your phone is. So laptop shopping has recomensed and I’m hoping for 3rd time lucky. 

My big girl maisy has finished ‘little nursery’ as she calls it this week and will be starting her ‘big nursery’ at the school in a couple weeks, ino it’s just nursery but it still seems like a big step she’ll be going every morning wearing her little school uniform which she looks soo cute in. We had a lovely afternoon just me an maisy shopping for it together I don’t get enough one on one time with her.

The girls bunk beds arrived after a shakey start when the frames arrived with no mattresses we finally got them and after 4 hours hard graft (not by me) they where up the girls love them and so do I! Review coming soon! 

Weaning Lottie has been really hard work she is just a boob adicct and nothing else will quite do but this week I seem to have had a break through she’s finally taking the odd bottle and has been a little more interested in food she loves having a chop on some toast and although most of it ends on the floor it’s still great progress. Yesterday she loved having abit of mango aswell!

Social media and blogging

Everything’s growing still slowly but steadily I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d hoped because of the laptop situation (sobs) 

I’m thinking about doing a series on the blog healthy easy family meals, Just some budget friendly recipes once a week. 

My most popular post has been my 10 rainy day activities I think the weather has played a part in the one grim grim grim bring back the sun!

So yeah bit quite this week but there we have it goals for next week are to

  • Sort my computer situation out. 
  • Make sure I’m commenting more. 
  • Sort my Pinterest out! 

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  1. September 4, 2014 / 7:50 pm

    Aw, Amy, I’m so sorry to hear about your computer probs – I wouldn’t worry about it, these weeks go so fast, some weeks are good others are utter shit! At least you have technology to blame, it’s much harder when it’s your brain (which it has been for me this week!!) – would love you to link up again this week…there are changes a foot, but they don’t effect being able to continue linking in this type of post 🙂 hxxx

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