Mums List #2

Mums List #2

I’m back again linking up to the fantastic Hannah at mums days Mums list, this link up is great for looking back at the week gone by you always forget how much you have done and makes you think about what you’d like to achieve in the week ahead!

Real Life

  • This week I really feel like I have done nothing Lotties teething and its really taking it out of her (and me) poor little thing, I really hope this tooth comes through soon so we can have happy little baby back. My older girls never suffered with their teeth so this is all new to me I really hope its not  a sign of things to come and the rest just pop up easily – ha i wish.
  • Lottie’s bedroom is really really nearly finished just need to get all the furniture in and some decorative bits up i cant wait to show it off to everyone hopefully at some point next week.
  • I spent the whole of Sunday rearranging my bedroom it was a bad idea really seen as we have all of Lottie’s bits in here so there was barely any room to move and I’ve ended up blistering my toe from pulling things about but regardless of that it was worth it, after asking Ryan for a month to do it i gave up an did it my self #girlpower. It feels a lot more like a bedroom now, and now am going mad on pintrest looking for ideas of how to decorate.
  • The last week as well I have really been loving taking the girls out to the park in the evening after dinner, what with it being the holidays everywhere is just so busy and with the three girls still being pretty young i find it hard to keep tabs on them all at the same time, so have been loving going a little later and enjoying the quiet 🙂

Social media & Blogging

  • So yesterday I hit 200 followers on Twitter woop woop! i know to everyone out there with hundred’s and thousands this is pathetic but I’m still a newbie so this did make my day!
  • I’m trying a lot harder with G+ I definitely have noticed my SEO improving when I share on there so I’m going to be making a lot more effort to get involved on there.
  • My most popular post of the week was My three girls, writing this made me sooo nostalgic looking through old baby pics they have grown up so quickly!

My Goals for this week are

  • Blog more I haven’t posted much this week with the baby being a grump shes barley left my side also what’s not helped is I’ve been addicted to breaking bad(i know how 2 years ago) were on series 5 now I cant stop watching!
  • And there are going to be some changes to the blog design (I’m so excited) watch this space!
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