To share or not?

To share or not?

Sharing is a constant battle in my house, the two older girls are at the stage where they just want what ever the other has just for the fact they have it. So they’ll kick, scream have a massive tantrum until they get it and then they will have a look as it for about two minutes until they discard it when they have realised it was really just a spoon.
I hear my self repeatedly pleading “just share nicely please!”
But I can see it from their point of view as well I’m the first to admit I don’t always want to share. You just try and touch my bar of dairy milk in the evening you may well loose a finger or two.
Just this morning as I type this I’m sat drinking my reheated coffee, trying to eat my breakfast and despite having the same breakfast I seem to have a two year old in my lap insisting mine is far nicer.

I don’t always think kids should be forced to share (duck for cover).
Of course I think its lovely when I see one of mine kindly give up another toy for someone else, but that’s when its there own decision.
If I have to step in and make them share like I often find myself doing I actually feel bad if they’re just playing nice and quietly and then some 1 year old comes over an ruins their fun just because they want to stick it in there ear or something. In the same way from the other point of view if my toddler goes and demands someone else toy and immediately gets it what’s that teaching her, being a madam works?
Some times children just need to be told no this is so and so’s, you go play with something else. 
I wont always be there to fight their battles or tell them wrong from right, children need to learn it for themselves and I don’t think they will when being given this false sense of entitlement if they ask for something.
Lots of parents are too hot on it my self included but wouldn’t it be lovely to see children making the right choices for themselves and communicating between each other nicely instead of having to prise their fingers off that toy giraffe to give to some else for you own toddler to roll around on the floor hysterically.

What do you think should children be forced to share? should they be left to sort it out between themselves?

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