Happy mornings

Happy mornings

This morning at 6:00am I found myself dancing round the lounge with my toddlers whilst the baby watched on looking rather amused.

I have woken up with awful hay fever but my mood today will not be ruined by the pesky pollen or the fact I left the washing on the line over night and is now damp again! Whoops

The best way for me to wake myself up and get myself in a good mood for the day is to whack on the tunes and be silly with the kids.

So here is my top 5 songs for getting me smiling in the morning;

“walking on sunshine” Katrina and the waves.
I mean who doesn’t love this song right? Impossible to listen to this and not reach for the nearest hairbrush to sing into.

“she moves in her own way” The Kooks.
Guaranteed to get me dancing in the morning.   

“I’m yours” Jason Mraz.
I remember when this song came out I had the cd and just would play it on repeat over and over, loooove this song.

“Sun is shining” Bob Marley.
Sunshine or not love bopping along to this one.

“Love machine” Girls aloud.
Okay don’t laugh but I love girls aloud any of their songs.

Love to hear others fave wake me up music or other ways you pick your self up when your woken up as silly o’clock by little monsters.

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    • June 20, 2014 / 6:40 pm

      that’s one of my eldest daughters fav songs she calls it the elephant song lol x

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