Because sleeping is overratted.

Because sleeping is overratted.

As I sit here feeding my 4 month old and repeatedly returning my 2 year old to bed I think whhyyyy are u soo awake it bed time its the same bed time you’ve had for ever and because u fell asleep in the car earlier for a matter of minutes that bed time seems to have completely fluttered out of the window.

Why cant my children enjoy sleep as much as I do?
I would very much welcome an afternoon nap followed by an early night but no I find myself sat outside waiting for madam to come out with her next excuse as to why she shall not sleep this eve. so far we have had;

  • I need the toilet
  • I need a drink
  • My pillows upside down
  • My blankets not comfy
  • I need a wee again and so it goes on

I find my self very protective about my few hours in the evening I get to my self because come 5:30 am – yes you read that correct, my children will be awake and I will have to smile and pretend I love to be awake before even the birds.

Don’t get me wrong I love the summer but damn these bright sunny mornings waking my girls and disturbing my sleep.

I’ll keep telling my self that shall I? 

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