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Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Everything Lifestyle | 59 comments

5 thing’s I’d tell my pre-mummy self

I have been a parent or an expectant parent now for over 5 years – wow I still remember going off out into town every weekend before I was expecting Maisy like it was yesterday!

The last 5 years have been a roller coaster from preparing for a baby to becoming a mummy for the first time to then being mad enough to have another 2 children. At times I felt lost like I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and other times like when they’re all in bed at 7 and I have a semi clean house that I think “yes I’ve got the sh*t down” (rare rare occasion)!

This evening I’ve been thinking about those pre baby days and not having a care in the world, even though people try and give you advice about what it’ll be like when you have kids I never listened just though they we’re making a fuss over nothing HA! Here are the 5 things I’d go back and tell my pre-mummy self.

5 Thing's

  1. Stop moaning about being tired; you know when you come back from a ‘hard’ day of sitting on your arse at work pretending to know what you’re talking about and declare that your knackered just shut up. You don’t know what tired is till you have a newborn attached at the boob all night and toddlers who want to wake up and play at 6am.
  2. Learn how to cook; I didn’t learn how to cook before I had the girls I have taught myself bits and bobs along the way and would say now I’m not bad (if the foods edible I’m happy) but I wish I learnt before it would of been so much easier and I would of avoided a few kitchen disasters.
  3. Be more adventurous while you can; just say yes to more things, becoming a parent restricts you a lot I have 3 small people to consider before I do anything. Questions I have to ask my self when trying to make any plans go like this:
    Can I take the kids? 
    If yes – what will they do? will they be bored? what do I need to take for them? can I really do this with all three of them?
    If no – is Ryan off and able to have them? who else will be mental enough to babysit three kids? how long will I be gone? will it mess up their routine? what do I need to pack in their bag for the day? 
    Long gone are the days of last minute trips and random days/nights out everything is planned planned planned.
  4. Save some bloody money – kids aren’t cheap and having three that also have all their birthday’s within in 10 weeks of each other with christmas plonked in the middle too is just plain ridiculous – I wish I saved more when I had spare cash instead of blowing it on yet another dress.
  5. Don’t take your own parent’s for granted; hand’s up I did this you don’t know what hard work it is until you have your own children and there still only toddler’s I don’t know how my parents put up with teenage me I was a nightmare.

What about you what would you feel your pre mummy/daddy self?

You Baby Me Mummy


  1. I agree! I wish I had mastered controlling my anxiety, learnt to sew and been prepared to juggle work and family. I wish I had taken more duvet days and done more date nights and Sunday afternoons in a pub garden :-)
    Emma recently posted…Camping Is A Perfect BreakMy Profile

  2. Love this post. The moaning about sleep I used to do that all the time before haha little did I know!! The cooking advice is fab and definitely agree with the not taking your parents for granted! I would tell myself to relax and that everything will work out!:)
    Alice recently posted…Amelia’s Feeding Story #bressureMy Profile

    • haha think everyone is guilty of the sleep one! thats so true it’ll all work out in the end x
      Amy recently posted…Lumie Bodyclock ReviewMy Profile

    • Me too it would be amazing! my body clock is set at 6 am now its ridiculous i used to be able to lie in till mid day no problem x
      Amy recently posted…Lumie Bodyclock ReviewMy Profile

  3. Oh – I love it when people who don’t have children tell me they’re tired! It just makes you want to scream, “You didn’t sleep well last night? I haven’t slept in five years!!!” :)

  4. Wise words indeed! The one about no longer being able to spontaneously do things resonates in particular. And as for the tiredness….! Popping over from the #TheList
    Clare Scott recently posted…The language of parentingMy Profile

  5. I recently posted a 10-things I’d tell my pre-baby self ( & I definitely forgot all of these.

    What a great post!

    I especially never appreciated my mum & parents before Evie. I would be so lost without them now. I also wish I’d saved money, learnt how to cook & appreciated being more spontaneous when I could be.

    It’s incredible how much your life changes when you have a baby & when your childless friends moan about being tired, it’s so hard not to say…’just you wait!’ :-)



    Chloe recently posted…#MYSUNDAYPHOTOMy Profile

  6. Totally agree with this post, also what did I do with my time before I had them,. I could spend a day in front of the tele watching emmerdale from the full week! Oh the luxury.
    Mini Travellers recently posted…The Lost Carnival RevealedMy Profile

    • haha god I miss a good omnibus do they even still show them mine was always eastenders on a sunday!
      Amy recently posted…Lumie Bodyclock ReviewMy Profile

  7. I love this blog post idea!! Would you mind if I did one too?? I totally agree with all five of your points. I was 31 when I became a mum but still have so many things I wish I’d done before.

  8. Totally agree with this post, especially No. 1!!! I don’t think I was ever *really* tired pre-baby. I don’t think I knew what it actually meant to be tired haha #TheList
    Natasha recently posted…Mount EverestMy Profile

  9. Great list, I nodded with all of them but especially number 2, I cannot cook at all. I wish I had made time to learn but there just wasn’t enough time with shopping, socialising and the pub. Now I have two kid with intolerances who require lots of food home made, this has caused me no end of stress. #TheList

  10. I agree with most of these. I wish I’d made the most of being able to commit to things like gym classes, and made more of an effort to make friends near my new home because it’s so much harder to do with a baby and no childcare! #TheList
    Love From Clueless Mum recently posted…How Having A Dog Prepared Me For Having A BabyMy Profile

    • aww yes I bet always found toddler groups and classes a good place to meet other mummy friends! x
      Amy recently posted…Lumie Bodyclock ReviewMy Profile

  11. I agree with all of these! I definitely wish I had saved more money, and also traveled more! xx

  12. Haha, what’s that saying about hindsight being 20/20?! Great list, if only there was a time machine so we could actually go back and tell ourselves these things, although I’m not convinced I would even listen to myself! x

    • haha well you know the do wear me into the ground most days but can’t complain theyre pretty cute 😉
      Amy recently posted…Lumie Bodyclock ReviewMy Profile

  13. I love this post, Amy. There are so many things that I wish I had told my pre-mummy self. I definitely agree with you that I should have taken more chances and gone out more. I might have to do a Heledd and steal this post idea. Hugs Mrs H xxxx
    Mrs H recently posted…I was hoping….My Profile

  14. I would tell my pre-mummy self that my then partner is not Mr Right and to remember to take the pill. I was young and not well educated about sex back then and life has been very difficult because of my carelessness.

  15. I would definitely agree with all of these – especially the save money! How blinkin expensive are children’s shoes and how ruddy fast do their feet grow?! They’ve slowed down now but at one stage it was once every six weeks!! #sundaystars
    Lisa (mummascribbles) recently posted…Children’s book review and GIVEAWAY! Lola PugMy Profile

  16. I love this, I think I would probably tell myself everything I’ve learnt about parenting now, so I know back with my first child what to do and how to make being a mother simple.
    Adelaide Goffin recently posted…Things I Recommend For New ParentsMy Profile

  17. 2 & 4 are definites for me! If only we knew what we knew now! #sundaystars xx

  18. Lovely post, its funny how everything changes when you are a mum

  19. Great advice! Wish I’d read this too before I became a parent :) Love the sleep one. So true! Jess x

  20. love this post! i definitely agree with all your comments. I would also say that I never realised how much I needed to do 1 handed once I’d had a baby who I couldnt put down for what felt like the first 6 weeks, and also eating cold food and drinking cold tea has become second nature!
    emily g recently posted…Toddlers: The Top 25 RulesMy Profile

  21. All good points!

    I would add that also value your friends who don’t have kids – it’s hard for them to understand what it’s like and you’ve sometimes got to cut them slack! Good post x
    Megan – truly madly kids recently posted…Father’s Day BuntingMy Profile

  22. I genuinely wish I had appreciated the art of ‘nipping out.’ Or just ‘nipping into the shops.’ Both without and with only one child. With two kids now nipping into Tesco’s for a pint of milk turns into a journey of discovery. It took me 1 hr the other day to walk from the car park to the top of our local high street… on my own this walk is 5 minutes. I cried a little inside!
    Sugar&Rhubarb recently posted…My Toddler & Baby Nappy BagMy Profile

  23. I agree with all of this! Life before children was so so simple but I did moan about it! Life is now harder but I wouldn’t change it for the world, apart from more sleep! Lol #SundayStars xx
    Something Crunchy Mummy recently posted…My Captured Moment 4/06/15My Profile

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